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LaRoqua 212 STUDIO

Despite its name, the 212 STUDIO series is also an eye and ear candy outside the recording studio. It starts with its dimensions: Which 212 has a width of 80 cm? We don't know of any series cabinet that has such dimensions. And of course, you can also hear this block. Another and equally important feature for the sound is the chamber separation in the center of the cabinet (if desired, the cabinet can also be built with only one chamber). Both speakers therefore have their own separate area for sound development, they complement each other on the outside and don't get in each other's way on the inside. The oversized width of the cabinet is necessary so that there is enough volume per speaker despite the separate sound chambers. After all, it should sound like a 212 and not like two 112s. It makes sense, of course, to equip the two chambers differently: either with different speakers or with different rear wall constructions or even both. Accordingly, then each speaker must be microphone placed in front of its own microphone. And already at the mixing console, you can adjust step by step where the sound journey should go. In the recording studio, even long after the recording (for example, in the final mix). The sound spectrum is limitless. That's why this series is called STUDIO. And that's why it's our best-selling guitar cabinet. Die LaRoqua 312 TRIANGLE klingt so spektakulär wie sie aussieht. Im Herzen dieses weltweit einzigartigen Boxenkonzepts pumpen drei 12er Lautsprecher. Kombinationen von drei verschiedenen Modellen sind möglich und bringen eine dreifache Soundvielfalt. Auf der Bühne zieht die TRIANGLE ungläubige Blicke auf sich. Sie lässt sich sowohl auf die Spitze als auch auf die lange Seite stellen, mehrere baugleiche Cabs können spektakulär jeweils spitz und stumpf nebeneinander gestellt werden. Sie steht außerdem perfekt auf den LaRoqua 212 und 412 Modellen. Wer auf exklusiv und ganz speziell steht, findet in dieser Gitarrenbox einen perfekten Partner. The LaRoqua 312 TRIANGLE sounds as spectacular as it looks. At the heart of this unique speaker cabinet concept, three 12-inch speakers pump out sound. Combinations of




The flexible back panel of the 212 STUDIO allows for three true positions and corresponding continuous intermediate steps. Each of the two speaker chambers can be closed, while the neighboring chamber is open. In the middle position, both chambers are open. The flexible back panel makes sense both for equipping with different speakers and for double equipping and offers a never-before-reached variety.


The split (semi-open) back of the 212 STUDIO series is easy to explain: one chamber is open and the other remains closed. If you want to switch sides, you need to disassemble the speakers and then reassemble them in a swapped position (about 15 minutes of effort). Depending on the speaker combination, there are also setups in which only one position makes sense (for example, with two identical speakers).


The rear wall with two open sound chambers only makes sense if the box is equipped with two different speakers - otherwise, the chamber separation could be saved, and the concept of this box would not be useful. However, there are combinations of speakers that sound best with an open door. For example, a Celestion Vintage 30 likes it airy, and many WGS speakers feel more comfortable with daylight in the back.


The closed version of the 112 PRO sings with a clearly neutral sound compared to the open construction. Neutral does not mean boring, however. We hear balance, speaker characteristics, and versatility - it works with any amp, any guitar. This version is exclusively designed for two different speakers. The inside is dark and dampened, and speakers such as the Celestion G12T-75, G12-M65 Creamback, and G12M-25 Greenback sound excellent. Some WGS models also sound fantastic. Unlike the open and semi-open constructions, this design cannot be achieved with the flexible rear wall.

LaRoqua 212 STUDIO

LaRoqua 212 STUDIO

ESP Exporer + EVH 5150 III
LaRoqua 212 STUDIO

LaRoqua 212 STUDIO

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