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" custom guitar cabinets handmade in darmstadt "


We are all guitarists and have been searching for guitar cabinets that have as much heart and soul as we do for years. Our philosophy is as simple as it is logical: we build cabs that we would like to use ourselves. We are into handmade and we stand by cabinets that are like us: my cabinet, my speaker setup, my design. Individually, thoughtfully developed, with experience and without time pressure. All models are tested by us as well as many partners and endorsers live and in the studio at the highest level.

Our cabinets are old-fashioned and generously dimensioned, but based on this, contain many new ideas and concepts, and each piece is made with the love of the entire team. Although we only use high-quality components and woods, we can offer an excellent value for money.

For those who take the time to discover, there are things here that can't be found in any other guitar cabinet and sounds that are both classic and revolutionary at the same time.

Passion is our first motivation. Quantity is subordinated to sound, feeling, and individuality at our company. Quality, service, and sound: that's what matters to us!

WHO WE ARE? We are LaRoqua Cabinets. We build custom guitar cabs by hand.


LaRoqua guitar cabinets are built in small series in Darmstadt.

Production is 100% handmade and exclusively made to order.

Only high quality woods, especially Baltic Birch, are used.

Brand speakers are used: WGS and Celestion.

In addition to six different series models with four selectable back wall variations, individual dimensions, designs, and specifications are possible. We are open to any request and look forward to new inspiration.

Despite small quantities, we are also competitive in terms of price and often even cheaper than mass-produced products from major manufacturers.

And most importantly, we are all guitarists with years of professional-level performance and studio experience. Our goal is to create guitar cabinets that we ourselves would use: cabinets with heart (for emotions) and guts (for power). Compromises are strictly prohibited here.


LaRoqua guitar cabinets are entirely manufactured in Darmstadt. Our shop at Roßdörfer Str. 26 offers a comfortable atmosphere where all of our products can be tested (hours by appointment). We also offer accessories and repair services for guitars, amps, and cabinets. Our well-equipped recording studio with showroom is used for sound checks, tests, and is available for interested customers.

LaRoqua products are mainly sold through direct sales, with the exception of a few trusted guitar shops. This ensures direct communication with our customers. We are happy to take the time for every interested party and provide extensive advice on site, by telephone or email.

Direct to the workshop without waiting: We are personally approachable for questions, problems and wishes. Our customer service is our pride and joy.

LaRoqua Cabinets
Roßdörfer Str. 26
64287 Darmstadt / Germany
LaRoqua Cabinets
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