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We're proud to present our newest stroke of genius:

The Head Lamp is out now!

  • Takes its energy out of the guitar signal without any influence to the sound.

  • Reacts selectively dynamic or smooth to your guitar playing.

  • Can be true bypassed.

  • Is a worldwide one-of-a-kind system.

  • Is an eye-catcher on every stage.

And it's from now on mounted in every
12" cab without any extra costs.

We link innovation and tradition.
We craft guitar cabs customized to you.

Handmade in Darmstadt, Germany.

From the LaRoqua Showroom
112 PRO
Serial No 1608PCLX98

Regular price 933,-
LaRoqua Cabinets
Roßdörfer Str. 26
64287 Darmstadt / Germany
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